Francesco Baldinu

Greg is a professional trainer. His sessions were always different , always creative, he used various techniques to improve my skills. After one year with his services I was very satisfied regarding the significan improvement of my  professional skills. Francesco Baldinu Senior Manager Iberia & Latin America for Fres-co System España Barcelona 

Montse Fortuno

Greg has always a positive and passionate attitude. He always finds the way to help you understand your undermining thoughts, your beliefs and guide you to find the reason behind them in a quite natural and pragmatical way. He is a great coach as also an inspiring person. Financial Manager at Oxfam Barcelona.

Imma Vidal

Greg is a very enthuastic professional. From the first moment I felt very comfortable with him during our sessions. He is a very dynamic person who knows how to listen and generates a lot of trust and empathy. Imma Vidal International Innovation Project Manager at ACCIO. Government of Catalonia

Alberto Conesa

Altamente recomendable por su afán de dar lo mejor comopersona y profesional en su labor. He visto los pasos de Greg ydebo decir que es un profesional enfocado en dar resultados alas personas que confían en su metodología. Sin dudarlo, es lamejor opción! ALBERTO CONESA CEO BrandingCenter®️ – MasterMind Inmobiliario – WinAlways2020

Joana Lliteras

Joana Lliteras Coordinación Didáctica en Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelona Since 2016, Greg has been collaborating with IED Barcelona in terms of Team building  activities for International Students. He helps to improve the students community with dynamic and innovative team building sessions. He is a kind professional with a high sense of commitment. Thank you Greg on behalf […]