Business Story Telling

“Storytelling” is the language to connect with the other business world environment. By exploring techniques of Storytelling you and your team will develop the skills and strategies to transform dry professional messages into emotional and inspiring talk.

Why storytelling for business ?

Jeff Bezos Amazon founder has banned boring power point presentations from executive meetings, he wants his professional to focus on storytelling as a method of creativity.

Four Effective Modules:

Delivering and developing the story 

Mastering the patterns, characters of your story, conflicts, challenges of it applying emotianal engagement, while conecting to specific strategic goals.

Understanding the audience 

In order to customize the story we will analize the needs of the audience, trying to put ourselves in their shoes.

Understanding the impact of the presentation 

We will look into making out story relatable, undestandable by defining the problem and finding the solution applying consistency structure.

Understanding me in a delivering process  

Eveything related to your voice, your body language and believes about you as a storyteller 

The importance of storytelling for your business 

Think Like a Storyteller

Sell Like a Storyteller

Give Presentation Like a Storyteller 

Startup Like a Storyteller 

Create Culture Like a Storyteller 

Storytelling for Startups

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